Basic Soccer Betting Types

On a global scale, soccer attracts a huge betting interest. The most common bet types in soccer gambling are common to those you will find in other games. The match outcome (1×2) in soccer is equivalent to the Moneyline in baseball gambling, while Totals and Handicap is the same as other sports. Let’s expound.


In soccer, handicap is about predicting the outcome of the match and involves a goal handicap applied by the bookmaker to counter the difference in abilities of the 2 teams. Bookmakers level the playing field by offering a handicap to counter the perceived bias in ability.  It is factored into the final score to determine the outcome of the game for the purpose of the bet. In the 1×2 market, the favorite gets a negative handicap to overcome while the other team gets a positive advantage. Soccer being a low-scoring game, gets a lower handicap than the NBA or the NFL betting. For the handicap bet to win, the team with a negative handicap has to win by a huge margin beyond the set figure.


This refers to the outcome of the match. 1 is the home win, X is the draw, and 2 refers to the three available options. The difference to the Moneyline betting is the draw.


In soccer betting, Totals do not focus on who wins, but is based on predicting the outcome of the game variables, including total points, goals, runs, and any other quantifiable variable. The number of scores has to be under the bookmaker’s set figure. Totals refer to the overall number of goals scored by both teams. First-half totals and individual team totals may also be considered.

Alternative Markets

After understanding the basics of how sport betting is done, the skills can be transferred to live soccer betting. How the bets work and the types are similar to those of the pre-game. Outside the more conventional ones, there are other alternative games. You can also place a bet on the number of corners to be awarded. Card betting is also an alternative and is based on the total number of cards to be issued to both teams. Outright markets are also an option. They range from predicting the player who will score the highest number of goals, the teams to be relegated, to the number of points an individual team is likely to win.

How to Develop a Soccer Strategy

If you are to make money from sport gambling, you must have a strategy. For instance, if in one team most players are injured, what tactics are likely to be employed for them to win? Begin by analyzing home field advantage and use it to calculate the odds. Despite soccer being highly difficult to predict, you can take advantage of past statistics and historical performances to get into a better edge. Use this data to your advantage when predicting a draw or the winner of the match.

For any player to maximize their opportunity of making a profit, understanding basic bet types is crucial. Get more information on melhores sites de apostas esportivas.

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