Bingo Game Rules

Bingo with 80 balls is probably the best variation for anyone who doesn’t like other bingo variations. It is important not only to hit a number on the bingo card, but also to mark a whole pattern.

To find out exactly how to mark 80 balls in bingo, check out our Bingo Rules Guide, which will help you win more money than ever before.

Bingo rules are easy to understand and thanks to online casinos, bingo itself is also totally unnecessary.

We keep getting asked the question whether there is a bingo game to print out. Without the existence of the online casino this would be a good question, but so it is clear that there are numerous providers on the Internet who offer bingo cards free of charge and digitally and so you can play round for round at the casino without paying.

Bingo is so easy to understand that children can also learn the bingo rules of the game. So there is the “Bingo Game Guide School”, which helps first graders to learn the popular betting game. Once you have played, you know that you have to mark a row or column on the ticket. There are several variations of the bingo rules, but in bingo with 80 balls there is a joker in the middle of the note, which can take any numerical value.

Bingo rules are that simple.

Since there is more than one bingo game rules video online, you can learn bingo rules faster than ever before!

If you have marked a row or column, you have to tell the administrator by calling bingo and you will have won for sure. In online bingo, like poker, this works automatically, but nobody can take it away from calling bingo.

You don’t have to read the bingo lottery rules anymore, you can easily learn them on YouTube in the video. In this way, bingo rules seniors can also learn and finally participate in this wonderful game.

However, watch out for scammers, for example the creators of Bingo Bingo Online strategy, who still charge money for it. Bingo playing in the casino should be fun, which you can increase with a top bonus but of course still.

Bingo Patterns and Co.: Learn the bingo rules of advanced aspects of the game that many do not master.

After the bingo notes are drawn, it starts. Then it’s up to you to mark all the required fields as quickly as possible. But what patterns are there? You can create patterns and bingo rules in your private game according to your mood, or you can use existing patterns of the advanced ruleset.

This allows you to use very different patterns, choose between several options and increase the number of possible winning combinations. Games such as lotto, roulette and bingo are the most fun to play at online casinos because players can concentrate on the essentials (the bingo rules).

In the end, the cards or notes decide only if the player knows the bingo rules, or the game in the online casino numbers automatically marked. Now make history as one of the best players bingo has ever seen!

At a glance

  • Bingo with 80 balls has a higher chance of winning through several winning combinations.
  • Bingo with 80 balls is particularly attractive due to its colorful design and mini-games and challenges.
  • Bingo with 80 balls is also online playable and therefore particularly convenient and easily accessible.

Online Bingo Rules, Tips and Recommendations

Online Bingo is becoming more and more popular worldwide. And if you thought this game was just for gray-haired chain smokers, you still have a lot to learn about online bingo! Bingo is for everyone, and on the internet there are bingo sites for all ages. Compared to other online games, bingo is more interactive and the bingo halls create a perfect setting to get in touch with other people around the world and make new friends – while of course you make a lot of money! Find out what the best online bingo halls are.

Of course there is Bingo not only online but also classic on TV. At the NDR Bingo Environment Lottery – moderated by the famous “Bingo Bear” Michael Thürnau – something is done for nature.

Bingo learn

We recommend that you read through this brief overview of the most common bingo rules to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Bingo is a world famous game, but online there are many variations of the game. Fortunately, they are all easy to learn and the basic rules are similar. The most popular online bingo game is the American Bingo, which contains 75 numbers, but also the British Bingo (with 90 numbers) can often be seen.

The games consist of:

A caller (who represents the casino) who announces random numbers
One or more players (like you) each with a certain number of cards.

Bingo Rules

  • One row: Fill a horizontal row
  • A column: You must fill a vertical column
  • Cover All: You must cover all the numbers on your card for Bingo
  • Six pack: You must fill a square consisting of six numbers
  • Nine Pack: You must fill a square consisting of nine numbers.
  • Eight states: Fill the numbers surrounding the free space
  • Up and down: Fill the top row and the bottom row.
  • Dotted picture frame: Fill every second place on the outer edge of the card

Car thief

If you use the Auto Spell, you don’t have to worry about anything, because the computer will automatically mark your numbers.

In most bingo halls it will also call “Bingo” for you if you are the lucky one (but please check first if you have to press the Bingo button yourself!). It’s a good thing to use the Auto-Dauber, because this way you don’t have to stress during the game and it allows you to use a lot of cards in one game. As a special extra you can personalize your car thief with different colors and animations.


Usually you have to have a row or a whole card full to get bingo, but on some sites other funny patterns are used as well. If this is the case, you will see a picture showing what the pattern you need looks like at the top of the screen. You can also see these patterns on the cards, where some numbers are darker than the others.


You can choose between different callers – some prefer a sexy female voice, others a sweet guy. You can also choose to have your caller accompanied by different types of background music.

Auto Sort

If you have a lot of cards and can’t see them all on the screen at once, it may be useful to use the automatic sort function. This feature allows you to see the cards that are closest to bingo.

Extra Games

While playing bingo, you can also play other games such as video poker and slot machines in small windows on the same screen. Please note that these games may have different bets and rules.

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